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     Mosquito Catcher Mosquito, Bug, Fly Trap!

Fly Catch Drawer

Mosquito Catcher Mosquito, Bug, Fly Trap!

  • Tested by USDA and an independent laboratory. The Testing stated: " The Mosquito Catcher catches MORE mosquito than the $1200+ competitor."
  • Control mosquito, bugs, flies, and fruit flies with the Mosquito Catcher Mosquito, Bug, Fly Trap / Flytrap.
  • Covers an outdoor area upto 1/2 Arce
  • Ideal to use for backyard, picnics, camping, and cookouts.
  • This Mosquito Catcher Mosquito, Bug, Fly Trap / Flytrap Unit is very simple to operate, simple to explain and has 4 main components .
    How the Mosquito Catcher Works
  • Heat Attraction - Mosquitoes are attracted by your body heat. The cone-area of the Mosquito Catcher, under the dome, gets warm and mimics your body heat.
  • Light Attraction - Mosquitoes are attracted by lights. Remember that bug zappers with the fluorescent blue light.
  • The Mosquito Catcher has long life LED blue lights located under the dome. These LED blue lights are specially formulated to specifically attract mosquitoes.
  • When the Collection Drawer is emptied, mosquitoes will be 90% or more of the catch!
  • Patented Fan System - When a mosquito comes close to the heat or the LED blue light, a high-velocity air current pulls the mosquitoes into the unit where there are accumelated in a screened collection drawer
  • Collection Drawer - Once inside the Collection Drawer, the mosquitoes bounce around, dry out and eventually die. Simply pull out the drawer weekly and dump the insects. Item Number #C-MOSCAT

    This Portable Unit Can Be Placed

      • On Porch
      • Near Grill
      • Under Table
      • Off in Grass
      • Apartment Balconies

    Mosquito Catcher Mosquito, Bug, Fly Trap / Flytrap is quiet and small and should be placed where you and your family spend your time.


    • Covers an outdoor area upto 1/2 Arce
    • Durable, Metal Contrustion
    • Powered-coated epoxy - to retard rust
      • 2 sets of legs
      • short legs for the patio
      • long legs for the grass
      • 2 Settings -
        Manual - Runs 24 hours per day
        Automatic - Runs only after-dark
      • Plugs into Wall Socket
      • UL APPROVED in USA and Canada

    Everything is included - Nothing else to buy

      • NO LP Tank to Buy
      • NO LP Tank to Refill
      • NO Flame
      • NO Fire
      • NO High Voltage
      • NO Pesticides to Buy
      • NO Chemicial Smell
      • Safe for Children and Pets
      • Uses less Electricity than 40 Watt Light Bulb

      Warranty One Year limited warranty
      A 30 day Money Back Guarantee applies.

    Name Description
    Mosquito Catcher
    Everything INCLUDED
    Item No.#C-MOSCAT
    T US
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